Gain a continuous overview of your school´s climate


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To improve school climate, you need the right information in hand to inform critical decision-making. Bloomsights gives you an at-a-glance view of your students’ perspectives on four key components of school climate: Safety, Teaching and Learning, Relationships, and School Environment.

These insights are vital to informing systemic strategy and create change. Know that the actions you take will positively affect student achievement and nurture a positive school culture where all students can thrive.



See areas of your school that students and faculty feel are threatening and require attention.



A school’s physical environment plays a key role in student development. Bloomsights can help you make sure that your school is appealing and inviting to students.



Research shows that students are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors and succeed academically when they feel connected to school. Bloomsights provides you with key insights into the underlying social dynamics amongst students, and between teachers and students to help everyone feel like they belong.

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Building a positive learning environment requires that school faculty have a high level of understanding of students' experience at school. With Bloomsights, you will have access to 10 key indicators of student well-being available at your fingertips to inform teaching and learning practices.

Delivering Insights to Create Connections

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