Students feel valued and empowered
when their opinions matter.


Connection . Communication . Community

Students feel valued when their opinions matter. They are more likely to succeed academically when they feel connected to their peers and school. Achieving that connection is a complex challenge for parents, educators and students.

Bloomsights helps teachers address student social engagement. Through engaging and intuitive surveys, students have the opportunity to express how safe, engaged, connected, and supported they feel at school. Teachers can then engage parents with any areas of concern.


Contributes to a safe school life and strengthens the school community.


Helps shape friendships and prevents conflicts from developing.


Helps give students the best conditions to flourish and learn.

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Students respond to key learning and health related questions that are progressively revealed in small numbers over the course of the school year. This helps them to identify and process their emotions and reflect on their school experience.

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Students share who is part of their social circle and reflect on the different types of relationships they have with their classmates. This helps students better understand the dynamics of their class and envision themselves as part of the classroom community.

Delivering Insights to Create Connections

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